Monday, September 6, 2010

Teal Toes

September is ovarian cancer awareness month! As I have blogged about before, I believe that September should be bathed in teal (the ovarian cancer color) the way October is bathed in pink for breast cancer. One of the things I am doing this year is joining Teal Toes. Teal Toes' mission is to raise ovarian cancer awareness by getting women to paint their toenails teal.

Yes, this photo is of my toenails, painted teal. Now, I must say that were it not for Teal Toes, this is not a color I would naturally choose. But I have found that teal toes do exactly what they are intended to do. They are a conversation starter. In the past week I have had on average one person a day comment on my brightly colored toes and it has given me an opportunity to talk about teal being the ovarian cancer color, September being ovarian cancer awareness month, my passion for this cause because of my genetic high risk, and, with some people, how ovarian cancer is a silent but deadly killer.

Please join Teal Toes on Facebook and get out and start raising ovarian cancer awareness!

Happy Labor Day!


  1. Joi - Thanks! I didn't know about Teal Toes! I actually colored my own toenails teal on Friday for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month as my way to show my support. I have never worn any color like teal, blue...etc, usually pinks, reds, etc. However, I agree with you - I have already received a couple comments and they've only been painted teal for a couple days!

    I too feel strongly about awareness for ovarian cancer, especially because of my Mom and aunt losing their battles. My Mom's was found early, but my aunt had problems and her doctor told her to take a tums and it was all in her head...I feel it's really important for women to understand their bodies and trust in their instincts. No one knows your body better than you do!

    Thanks again Joi!

  2. Thanks Tracy! You were already a member of Teal Toes and didn't even know it!

    And yes, I agree that nobody knows your body better than you and there are way too many stories like that of your aunt. Hopefully, as awareness increases, there will be fewer such stories.

    Wishing you strength this month, as I know it kindles lots of memories of those you loved and lost to this disease.


  3. Went to see my gyn/onc yesterday and everyone in the office commented on my teal toes. I told them about Teal Toes and now they are all going for a teal pedicure!

  4. I have painted my toes teal. Now they are pink for breast cancer awareness. I paint my toes for my wife. She is a survivor. Seeing a guy with paintd toes opens a lot of questions which I am happy to answer.

  5. Good for you Anonymous! Love the conversation starter. My toes are now once again pink in October too, but it is far less attention grabbing than your toes are I am sure!