Thursday, June 3, 2010

Join us at the Joining FORCEs conference!

The Annual Joining FORCEs conference is coming up June 24-26, 2010 in Orlando Florida.  We will both be there and Ora will be speaking at a session on Saturday.  Her topic is "How do I decide? Making decisions surrounding hereditary cancer."  We will both be available to sign books at the roundtable and networking breakfast on Saturday.

There are a number of reasons why you should make every effort to attend this conference:

  • It is the largest gathering of high risk women (and men) anywhere!
  • It is the only place where you can have total face-to-face access with the top researchers in the field of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.  You can ask your questions not only to Dr. Gordon but also to Dr. Stephen Narod, Dr. Judy Garber, Dr. Noah Kauff and others!
  • The largest "show and tell" on the planet!  If you are considering mastectomy and reconstruction and find the array of choices mystifying, this is your chance to not only talk to a number of the top reconstructive surgeons in the country, it is your chance to talk to and see the results of countless numbers of women who have had every type of surgery imaginable.  
  • Find out about the very latest research.  Top researchers from around the world not only attend but often talk about studies and research that has not yet even been published.
  • Learn about standard of care and cutting edge options for managing risk.
You can find out more about the conference here.

There is still time to register!  We hope to see you there!

Joi & Ora

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