Sunday, August 8, 2010

Joi's prophylactic surgery is ALL CLEAR!

Well I am perfectly happy to be the one to share some wonderful results. Joi, having had surgery just two days ago, is home recovering and I got to be the one to call her with the excellent news that the final pathology report from her operation is completely normal. Her preventive surgery is a success! As she mentioned in her last post though, in 3-6% of surgeries in BRCA carriers undertaken as prophylactic salpingo-oophorectomy (removing the ovaries and tubes), cancer or precancerous cells are found. This is why the medical genetics and oncology communities both have position statements mandating that this surgery, while straightforward from a technical standpoint, should always be done with a GYN Oncologist. Many women, like Joi, have a long standing and trusting relationship with their regular OB/Gyn. It is not only acceptable, but terrific to have your gynecologist scrubbed in on the case and involved in the operation. Fortunately, nowadays most gynecologists are much more aware of the recommendations from the hereditary cancer societies as well as the need for specific instructions or protocols for the pathologists to examine the tubes, ovaries and uterus (if removed) very carefully and systematically. But you have to be your own best advocate, so make sure all of your questions are addressed before you set a surgery date.
Congratulations Joi!

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  1. Thanks Ora for checking on my pathology over the weekend and calling with the good news!