Monday, October 4, 2010

Shop for the Cure

 When I wake up in the morning I head to the kitchen to make coffee.  Now that October is here I could do a complete kitchen overhaul with pink appliances.  I could buy a pink Kitchen Aid mixer, a pink coffee maker, a Brita Pink Water Pitcher, a pink blender, a pink food processor, and a pink ice cream maker and a portion of the purchase price would go to support finding a cure for breast cancer.  I also could stock the refrigerator and the pantry with  pink ribbon yogurt, bottled water, juice, bagels, tea and even breakfast cereal while supporting breast cancer.  In fact my local grocery story has eight pages of product ads linked to breast cancer this week.

I could buy a new pink vacuum for my morning cleaning.

After getting the kids off to school I often head to the gym, where I now have a new pair of pink workout gloves adorned with the cute little pink ribbon for breast cancer.  My local Sport Chalet has pink ribbon balance balls, free weights, and yoga mats for my workouts at home.

Back from my workout I hop into the shower.  I could dry my hair with a new pink hair dryer, then do some styling with pink hot curlers or a pink straightener, depending on my chosen style.  Of course I shouldn't forget my pink ribbon lipstick before I head out for the day.

In the office I need to use my pink breast cancer Sharpie and pink ribbon pens with my pink Post-it notes.  I should definitely use a pink ribbon calculator, pink ribbon file folders,  and pink ribbon pencils in my pink ribbon electric sharpener.  Of course I already have a pink neoprene case for my laptop.

Stepping outside I can don my breast cancer awareness sunglasses on my way to pick up the kids from school or when going out to shop for even more pink ribbon products, including bathroom tissue for the cure, although fortunately that is not pink.

Next blog:  Where do all the pink dollars go?   Stay tuned for more information on where all the money goes.  In the meantime, you can do much of your breast cancer shopping on Amazon without ever leaving home.


  1. 'Thank You' BUT 'NO - Thank You'
    Somehow it seems all too commercial and I prefer to give my resources directly to where I can see it does the most good. Eg. families that struggle with medical bills etc. The costs involved with cancer and treatment can be horrendous, as we know.

  2. All the pink stuff is hilarious! Remember when you couldn't even say "breast cancer" out loud?

  3. Chez,

    If only everyone were like you and donated directly to breast cancer charities! Then there might be less need for the pink marketing campaign. But sadly, there are still many people whose only donation to breast cancer is through the purchase of pink product.

    I, like you, generally prefer to see my dollars go directly to the organizations I am supporting and I like to know that if I am contributing my hard earned dollars that they are being used wisely by the organizations who get them. Clearly some are better stewards of our money than are others. But with pink products it is often hard to know exactly where your contribution is going or for what.

    That said, many breast cancer organizations are good stewards of our money and many, including Susan G. Komen for the cure do help women and families who are struggling with medical bills and other treatment expenses, which are as you say, horrendous.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts,

  4. Janine,

    I do remember ... people whispered about my mother's breast cancer diagnosis.

    By the way, love the photos of your hikes on your blog!