Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Come see us on May 24 at the Cancer Support Community

Just a reminder, if you live near Los Angeles your next opportunity to come see us is May 24th at the Cancer Support Community Benjamin Center.

Our topic:

High Risk Breast and Ovarian Cancer Update
 with Ora K. Gordon, MD and Joi Morris
We look forward to seeing you there!
Joi and Ora

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  1. Good luck with your event. I've been wondering, do you have any statistics, or posts, that address the risk for breast cancer recurrence following a bilateral mastectomy for a person who is BRCA 2 positive and already had a cancer diagnosis? I haven't seen any data on this.

  2. Nancy, I think you are asking about two different issues: recurrence of the original cancer and development of a new cancer. We discuss theses issues in chapters 5 and 10 of Positive Results. In a nutshell though your risk of a new cancer should be roughly the same as anyone who has preventive mastectomies but your risk of a recurrence is an entirely different matter that can only be quantified by your oncologist based on your cancer, it's type and stage, treatment, etc.

  3. Nancy,

    There is also a discussion of survival rates, based on lymph node involvement and BRCA status in Chapter 9 of Positive Results.