Saturday, April 23, 2011

Great book review from a doctor in Lituania

Positive Results is available in many countries and we have blog readers from around the world. The following is a review of our book by a medical geneticist in Lituania on his blog, from earlier this month:

Positive book for all with positive results 
An amazing book written by BRCA2 positive cancer survivor and clinical geneticist: “Positive Results: Making the Best Decisions When You’re at High Risk for Breast or Ovarian Cancer”,which is now in my hands and hungry eyes. 
This is very informative and up-to-date single reference for all (women and men) who are at increased genetic risk due to BRCA1/2 mutations, as well as clinicians dealing with these patients. 
This source I’ll definitely now include in my recommendations for high risk women, along with FORCE and a free gift of Liv Breast Self-Exam Kit kindly provided by Association for Hereditary Cancer (PVAS).

Thanks so much Dr. Janavičius for all you do for the hereditary cancer community and for finding and recommending our book!

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  1. What a glowing review for a terrific book! Congrats, Joi!