Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Ovarian Cancer Activists Request Additional Research Funding

The day after our last post, ovarian cancer activists, including representatives from the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance, took to Capitol Hill requesting $30 million in funding for ovarian cancer research. As we all know, this funding is desperately needed. You can read more about the hearing here.

What is the next step? To add our voices to the Ovarian Cancer National Alliance's Action is Teal campaign by letting our elected representatives know that funding for ovarian cancer research is important to us. You can contact your senators and representatives through this link.

Are you ready to scream?


  1. I recently attended a lecture about radiation safety as I work in dentistry and we were told no dose of x-rays is safe!

  2. Thanks El,

    We are all exposed to background radiation from the environment so all radiation cannot be avoided. When considering medical radiation for diagnostic purposes you need to weigh the benefit against the risk from the radiation. Mammography, while exposing the breast tissue to radiation, does clearly save lives because it can detect breast cancer at a curable stage.

    In our mind, incidental radiation that does not have a medical benefit, such as airport scanners, is in a different category. Certainly the radiation dose is considered to be very small and future studies may show it has no significant impact on risk. But for now, there is no clear benefit sufficient to justify even a small amount of additional risk.