Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Welcome to the Positive Results Blog!

Positive Results
went to the printer six months ago and guess what? New research has continued to be published. Nothing published so far would change a single recommendation in our book. Nonetheless, our readers are interested in knowing our thoughts on current research, which is one of the reasons we are starting this blog. We will continue to provide reliable information to our readers, who are facing and fearing breast and ovarian cancer.

This blog will also be a place for us to share stories about the amazing women and men we continue to meet and who inspire our work. While Positive Results has many stories of men and women facing the specter of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, not every story could be included. This blog will be a place for us to share other stories and experiences. If you would like us to include your story, write to us at PositiveResultsTheBook@gmail.com.

Finally, we will use this blog as a space to answer reader questions about issues relating to the genetics of breast and ovarian cancer, genetic testing, risk management and any other subject covered by the book. We may have a few random musings as well.

Thanks for joining us,
Joi & Ora


  1. I also have a blog on blogger and currently writing about my BRCA journey...more like a Trek! I hope to be at the FORCE Conference this year and to meet you!
    Love and hugs,

  2. Great idea to start a blog! I'll add you to my blogroll. :)

    Teri S.

  3. Beth,

    We will both be at the conference and we should be easy to find.



  4. What a great resource! Congratulations. See you at the conference!

  5. I found your book very informative and helpful, so I am looking forward to following this blog. I am also going to the Joining FORCEs conference in June so hopefully will see you there.

    best wishes

  6. Thanks Sharon,

    We are so glad you found the book helpful. And we will definitely see you there. We will be easy to find the morning of the roundtable discussions as we will be at one of the tables!

    Joi & Ora

  7. Sharon,

    So glad we got to talk at the conference! Great to meet you.